Monash University Cheerleading and Dance Club

Interested in joining us for the 2024 season?

We are currently running our summer trainings in preparation for our upcoming team placements. Keep an eye on our instagram @monashcheeranddance to stay up to date with these trainings as well as our team placements.

If you're around for Monash O-Week, drop by our stall for a friendly chat or any questions. We will have a marquee on Sports Walk at Monash Clayton from Monday-Thursday and a marquee at Monash Caulfield on Wednesday. Don't be shy!


A sport like no other, cheerleading offers a unique challenge, with teams working together to stunt and tumble. MONCAD has multiple teams for beginners through advanced.


MONCAD currently offers Pom, Hip Hop, Jazz and Lyrical teams. These styles range from sharp hitting motions, to fluid, dynamic movements, providing options for all kinds of dancers.

Why join MONCAD?

Teams for all levels

We have teams for all levels of experience, from complete beginners through to those competing at an international level (and everyone in between!). 

Our 12 teams cover Cheer, Pom, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop. No matter your level, you will be guided by our expert coaches to improve your skills and put an amazing routine on the competition floor with your team.

Friends for life

You will not only see your teammates at training sessions throughout the week, but you'll also have the chance to make friends from across the club at our social events. Our favourite events include our annual camp and annual ball, with lots of other events also held throughout the year.

Exciting competitions

All of our teams compete at competitions against other university teams throughout the year. It's a fantastic chance to show off the routines you've been working hard on in front of an expert judging panel and a dynamic crowd!

Diverse and inclusive club

We are proud of our diverse club, and welcome all Monash students regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexuality. Check out our 2023 Info Pack for more information about how we support all our members, and reach out to us via email if there are any accomodations we can make to help you feel more included.

Experienced coaches

Our brilliant coaches provide all our athletes with the opportunity to grow their skills in a safe and supportive environment. All our fantastic coaches are experts in university cheer and dance, with the knowledge and expertise needed to create high scoring routines specifically for university divisions at competitions. 

Convenient training locations

With access to some of Melbourne's finest cheer and dance facilities, MONCAD members train at a range of locations throughout the year. 

Our dancers train on campus in the Group Fitness Room of Monash Sport in Clayton, as well as at our sister club, Pacific Elite Dance, in Clayton. Cheer athletes train on campus at Chisholm Hall, Building S at Monash Caulfield, as well as Victorian State Cheerleaders (VSC) located in Oakleigh, right near Huntingdale Station!

Click on each starred location for details on how to park and access each venue.

Want to get involved? Email us!