What does cheer involve?

Group stunts

Three to four bases (people on the ground) use a variety of techniques to put a flyer (person off the ground) in various positions in the air. New athletes start in level 1, while the most experienced athletes compete in level 6. Higher level teams are allowed to perform more difficult skills. The majority of our training time is spent practicing group stunts.


We lead the crowd through our iconic Monash chant, and score points based on how easily the crowd can participate. Props such as megaphones, poms, signs and banners are used to add excitement to the chant. In Australia, chant is usually only seen in university divisions, so this skill may be new to you even if you've done cheerleading before!


Our level 3/4 and 5/6 routines include tumbling passes with skills such as tucks and handsprings. If you are coming to cheer with a gymnastics background that's definitely a bonus, but many of our athletes learn to tumble from scratch.

Partner stunts

Our Co-Ed routines include a partner stunt section, where one base puts a flyer in the air.


Our All Girl routines finish with a sharp and high energy dance section.

Why join a MONCAD cheer team?

Ultimate social sport

With teams of up to 38 athletes, cheerleading allows you to get to know a lot of people. Typically stunting in groups of up to 4 or 5, and interacting with many more each training, cheer is perfect for first year students or those looking to expand their social circles!

Unique skills

Cheerleading incorporates stunting, tumbling, dance and chant.  Throughout your journey with MONCAD, you will learn new skills and watch them develop over time with team work. 

Unique to the university cheer is chant, a component of the routine where the team utilises vocals and props to lead the crowd. 


Our cheer program is renowned throughout Australia for the high quality and competitive routines we put on the floor. Although we are a social club at heart, our members love to work hard towards being the best athletes they can be! 

Typically, our cheer teams compete at least three comps each year, in June, September and November, which provides plenty of time at the start of the year to learn new skills, or consolidate existing ones. We love competing against our friends from other universities around Australia, with fierce rivalry on the floor but friendly sportsmanship otherwise!

In the past, our teams have represented Australia internationally at both the University Worlds and the World University Cheerleading and Dance Championships. 

All levels welcome

We have teams to cater for all levels of skill and experience, from those who have never done a sport before, all the way up to elite athletes who compete internationally.

Many of the athletes who are now on our highest teams started in our beginner teams having never done cheer before, but couldn't help falling in love with the sport and stuck with it for their whole degrees!

We also welcome athletes who have done cheer before at an All Star club. Their pre-exisiting skills are a huge asset, but they also enjoy the new challenges of a university team with a greater focus on stunting than many All Star routines, plus a chant!

Teams for all genders

While many of our athletes are ladies, we welcome athletes of all genders to join our club. This includes men, as well as trans and gender diverse people. We have teams for all! Find out more in our 2023 Info Pack.