What styles of dance does MONCAD offer?


Pom is a high energy dance style that uses a similar foundation of technique to jazz/broadway but is performed with very sharp and precise motions. The formations of the team and overall visual effect are very important to a high scoring routine. As the name suggests, dancers hold poms in their hands while performing to emphasise their motions.

Pom is our most popular style, with three teams offered for different levels of experience. Many of our dancers had never tried Pom before they joined us, but if you enjoy jazz or other similar styles we highly recommend giving it a try!


Jazz involves a variety of skills including kicks, turns, and jumps/leaps, all included in a smooth but energetic routine. This style requires strong and precise moves to aid in the team's overall visual effect. We offer two jazz teams at MONCAD.


Lyrical is a soft and expressive style of dance. It uses flowing movement to create a heartfelt and emotional routine, while showing off athletes' ability to show expression through their bodies and faces. We have one lyrical team.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street style that creates impact using movement and expression full of confidence and attitude. Team movement and formation is an essential part of a Hip Hop routine, but individual athletes often have highlight features to punctuate the dance with an eye-catching moment. We have two Hip Hop teams. 

Why join a MONCAD dance team?

Social sport

Our dance program encourages discipline and technique to perform amazing, high energy routines. The most important aspect of our club, however, is teamwork.

Dancing with the same people multiple times per week quickly forms close bonds that will last a lifetime, and gives you a great bunch of friends to help you throughout your university experience. 

Variety of disciplines

We offer four different styles of dance: Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical.  Many of our dancers can't get enough and join multiple teams - if you've got the time, commitment and energy required, we encourage you to do so too!

Keep fit with PT

At MONCAD, we strive to encourage our athletes to improve over the season. Our dance athletes participate in weekly group PT sessions in a HIIT format to ensure they work on their cardio, strength and core fitness. Exercises are customised to suit the preparation for competition as well as injuries. 


Our dance program is renowned throughout Australia for the high quality and competitive routines we put on the floor. Although we are a social club at heart, our members love to work hard towards being the best athletes they can be! 

Typically, our dance teams compete at three comps each year, in June, September and November, which provides plenty of time at the start of the year to learn work on technique and synchronisation.

Our teams are focused on working together to create magnificent routines with capturing performances. Our athletes put their hearts on the floor when competing and their results reflect this. 

In the past, our teams have represented Australia internationally at both the University Worlds  and the World University Cheerleading and Dance Championships, where they won three silver medals in 2018. 

Teams to suit all levels

We offer advanced teams that will challenge even the most experienced dancers, right through to teams for complete beginners. No matter your level, our experienced coaches will bring out the best in you, while you have lots of fun in the process!

All genders welcome

We welcome everyone to join our teams. Anyone of any gender identity is welcome to join any of our dance teams - we can't wait to meet you!